3 Tips for a Summer-Ready Roof

houses on a sunny daySummer is here, the days are heating up, and the sunshine is hotter than ever. We all know that you can protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays with sunscreen, but did you know that your roof can also become damaged by the sun’s punishing rays? Here are three tips to help get your roof ready for summertime!

Getting Your Roof Summer-Ready

1. Get an Inspection. Whether or not your roof appears damaged from ground level, you should get a professional to climb up and check it out at the start of the season. You don’t want weakened spots to spring leaks or other unpleasant surprises on you.

2. Check Tree Limbs. It’s nice to have some shade for your roof, since it helps keep your roof cooler and longer-lasting, but watch out for dry, dead, or damaged tree limbs overhanging your house. These should be removed before they collapse and cause damage to your roof.

3. Replace Damaged Shingles. If your shingles are dried out, faded, and curling along the edges, it’s time to replace them. Call a professional roofer to come out and fix the sun-damaged areas. If there is damage that penetrates through the roof’s lower layers, a re-roof will be more affordable than a total tear-off and roof replacement.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance

With the hottest time of the year upon us, don’t neglect your roof! Call United Roofing Services, your premier roofer in Kansas City, MO and Blue Springs, MO, to give your roof a thorough inspection and help you learn how to keep your roof strong all year long. 816-896-4195