Roof Inspections to Prepare for Spring

Prepare Your Roof for Spring Storms

As winter comes to an end, the spring rain will begin and when that happens you’ll want a fully sealed roof over your head. That transitionary period of winter snow melting turning into the rainy days of spring will result in a lot of moisture on your roof. Which is why we start seeing a lot more calls for leak repairs. Leaks can cause a lot of damage to your roof and inside your home. So it’s best to be prepared and ensure that your roof can resist all the rain and melted snow.

Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

Spring rains can also mean spring storms, and high winds and hail can triple the threat of leaks. If you notice any dents or missing shingles, call a roofer right away to have the damage repaired. Keep in mind that if you’ve had leaks in the past, and the roof hasn’t been replaced you stand a good chance of dealing with more of them.

An aging roof is more susceptible to leaks because the roofing materials will have deteriorated and weakened further under any snow. If you have a roof that is clearly past its typical lifespan, we recommend having it replaced with a new, hardier roof system.

Getting your roof inspected is the best way to prepare for any trouble with your roof, and even have susceptible areas fixed before they can wreak havoc on your home. While you might consider waiting on an inspection to see how your roof fairs through the Spring, keep in mind that early inspections and repairs can save you a lot of money by avoiding costly repairs inside of your home as well! To get a roof inspection in Grain Valley, MO, contact United Roofing Services today at 816-228-1158!

Are Your Roof Shingles in Good Shape?

When is the last time you took a closer look at your roof? Sometimes, roof damage isn’t easy to spot from the ground. Your roof may seem fine from where you normally stand, but roof shingles may have cracks, or be loose and you can’t tell. That’s why you should have professional inspections once or twice per year.

Cracked Shingles

New Roof Shingles

Check Your Roof Shingles

Cracks are sometimes only noticeable from up close. Just because they’re tiny doesn’t mean they can’t make a difference. Those cracks mean that your shingles are on their way to further damage. Just one strong storm may be enough to turn those cracks into more severe damage. Plus, those cracks may let water in. While a few drops of water in the cracks may not seems so bad, that moisture causes its own roof damage over time.

Loose Shingles

You also might not notice if your shingles are loose. Loose shingles also let moisture in, but, even worse, with a strong wind they can be blown right off your roof. Obviously, this is a sign of fast-developing roof damage. Damage like this should be repaired immediately. In fact, all damage should.

No roof damage should be left as is for any longer than is necessary. Since you cannot see all roof shingle damage you may have, you need someone to get up on your roof who knows where to look. That’s where roofing professionals come in. Call United Roofing Services for all your roofing services in Grain Valley, MO. Call us at 816-228-1158 today.

Get a New Roof for a New Year

Christmas has come and gone, and the holiday season is almost over. New Year’s Eve fast approaches and you may be working on that list of resolutions and things to do. If you make and keep any resolutions for the coming year, make them good for you and your home, like staring the year with a new roof.

Get a Roof Inspection, First

Roofer Silhouette

Get a New Roof for a New Year.

Of course, you may not be sure you need to invest in a new roof, particularly if you haven’t noticed any problems. So, start with a roof inspection. A professional roofer will check all parts of your roof system. Your shingles, sealing, gutters, and more need to be inspected for cracks, leaks, dents, holes, rot, mold, and much more. Your roofer will perform a thorough inspection of a broad detail range. Since even a small problem can become a larger one, you will want to have anything found repaired as soon as possible.

Start Roof Repairs Immediately

If your roofer does find something during the inspection, make having it fixed as soon as you can part of your resolution list. Hopefully, you will not have to make any drastic, expensive repairs. If there are any issues, waiting too long could create more damage. If you have to get a temporary solution while you figure out your finances, then ask your roofer about your options.

Of course, if your roof is old, or has multiple problems, a new roof could be in order. Whether you need a few minor solutions, or a new roof, taking care of it all in the new year means you’ll be set for the rest of the year. Call United Roofing Services at 816-228-1158 and let us help you start the year off right with a new roof in Grain Valley, MO.

Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter weather is coming. In some areas, the weather will be less severe than others. However, it never hurts to be prepared, and that includes your home’s roof. There are a few maintenance tips you can use to prepare your roof for winter in MO.

Pile of Snow on a Roof

Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Professional Roofers.

Check for Water Spots and Loose Vents

Water spots on your walls or ceiling could mean roof leaks. You don’t want leaks in your roof to persist in winter. Check your vents and shingles, too. Loose vents leave room for moisture to enter your home. If you are concerned about any of these problems, hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof for these problems. If any roof leaks are found, have them fixed immediately. You don’t want mold in your home, and waiting until after winter leaves your open to this sort of damage.

Clean the Gutters

Anywhere that water should be diverted away from your roof and home should be cleaned and checks. Gutters clogged with moist leaves create the potential for roof rot. This moisture may also freeze and weigh down your gutters and downspouts. When all that water melts, you could have a real mess on your hands. If you need some help with gutter cleaning, hire a professional.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

If you do find that something may be wrong with your roof, there is only so much you can do. That is when it is time for you to hire a professional roofer for an inspection. A roof inspection will determine what problems you have, the extent of any damage, and what repairs you need, if any. There is always the chance that there is no immediate concern.

Whether you need roof repairs or installation, or to prepare your roof for winter, trust our roofing professionals at United Roofing Services. Call 816-228-1158 today.

Commercial vs Residential Roofs

Men Working on Roof

Commercial Structures Tend to Offer Less Variety

Most roofing websites have 2 main categories. They are commercial roofing, and residential roofing. Below these main categories will be sub-pages of each of them. Clearly, as a homeowner you are looking for residential roofing services, and as a business owner, you are looking for commercial. But have you ever wondered what the actual differences were? Review some of them below:


One clear distinction between the two categories is the designs used to construct them. Most commercial roofs are either completely flat, or contain a low slope. These adds weight concerns because of the radius of the rooftop. When you consider snow accumulation and things of that nature, extra precaution must be exercised. Residential structures, while still susceptible to weight damage, are built to avoid massive weight pressure in certain areas.


Perhaps the greats distinction between commercial and residential roofing jobs is the installation process. Because commercial projects cover a far greater area, the time of the installation is expected to take quite a bit longer. This will also depend on the nature of the installation. If it is a simple roof coating, the installation time will lower considerable. Residential roofs generally take less time to install but much of it will depend once again on the type of material used.


The materials used for both commercial and residential projects vary quite a bit. Generally speaking, residential homes have more flexibility with which kinds of materials can be used, since they are at a slope. Commercial roofs in contrast, have a more condensed set of options regarding material. Lifespan is a major factor in both cases, when considering the type of material that will be used. Call 816-228-1158 for commercial roofing and residential roofing, in Kansas City, MO.


How To Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Gutter Repair

Cleaning Your Gutters Is A Fall Necessity!

With Fall briskly on its way, homeowners with trees are bracing for the inevitable piles of leaves to fill their yards. While everyone knows that piles of leaves in the yard can cause mold growth, as well as kill the grass, not everyone stops to think about their gutters! Leaves can choke and clog your gutters, which damages your gutter system, and puts your roof at risk. Today we will discuss the basic steps required to adequately clean and prepare your gutters this fall.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project, you will need the following items:

  • A Pair Of Gloves
  • A Ladder
  • A Hose
  • A Bucket (optional)
  • A Scoop (optional)

Step 2: Position Your Ladder

When you have all of your supplies together, you can set up your ladder in the appropriate space. It is better to use a ladder that stands on it’s own, rather than a ladder you need to lean against your roof, as you can rely on it to be more stable. However, if you do use a ladder that will lean up against your roof, make sure your ladder is completely stable. When you climb up the ladder, be sure to remember the rest of your supplies!

Step 3: Scoop Out The Leaves

Keep in mind that it is safer to clean the gutters from your ladder, not from your roof. Sitting on your roof can cause additional damage, as well as be very unsafe. Using the scoop, or your gloved hands, remove the leaves from your gutter. If you chose to use a bucket, put the leaves in the b bucket. If not, throw the leaves on the ground, but understand that gives you more work later on! Make sure to remove all signs of sticks and debris.

Step 4: Rinse The Gutters

Once you have removed all of the debris from your gutters, you should rinse them to keep them in good condition. Use the hose to flush out any residual dirt, dust or pollen.

If you need any additional help with gutter replacement or gutter repair in Kansas City, MO, give us a call today at United Roofing Services!

4 Benefits to Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy Efficient RoofBuilding owners in Kansas City, MO know how hot the summers can be. But did you know that Americans shell out almost $40 million dollars per year on air conditioning? This is bad news for both your roof and your pockets. Commercial building owners spending a fortune on air conditioning should consider investing in energy efficient roofing. Keep your bills and temperature lower with one smart investment. Here are 4 benefits to energy efficient roofing:


AC Preservation

Energy Star rated roofs help building owners preserve air conditioning, and as a result, their energy bills. Certain roofs are known to reduce cooling demand by up to 15%. People inside will be more comfortable, and you will be spending less on energy bills.

Big Savings

The most attractive part of energy efficient roofs for many building owners, is their potential to save money. The specifics of how much money you will save can be determined through this Cool Roof Calculator which is offered by the Department of Energy. Calculate your potential savings to get a better idea of your next step.

Environmentally Friendly

Yes commercial building owners want to save money, but it doesn’t hurt to preserve the environment in the process. By decreasing power plant emissions, you are regulating the output of dangerous fossil fuels. An energy efficient roof can cut costs, and help the environment at the same time.

Heat Reflection

If a roof is tagged with an Energy Star rating, it can reflect harmful UV rays from your roof and significantly lower the surface temperature. This feature will keep your building cooler, but also expand the life span of your roof, by not subjecting it to constant heat damage. Call 816-228-1158 to discuss Energy Efficient Roofing with our experts at United Roofing Services.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm?

How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm

Signs That Your Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm.

Our residential roofs are what keep ourselves, family, and belongings protected. They are also beneficial when a big storm hits Kansas City. While they are great at keeping families and valuables safe, they can become damaged due to severe storms. But how can your tell if a roof has been damaged by a storm? Below are some signs to look out for.


If you have leaks coming from your ceiling or water spots on the wall after severe weather, that could be a good indication that your roof has been damaged by a storm.

Missing Shingles

You can check your roof to see if shingles are missing, but if it was a very windy or serious storm, chances are that there are a few shingles scattered on your lawn.


Did this severe storm produce hail? This is another big sign that your roof has been damaged by a storm. Because hail is very hard and comes down fast, it has the potential to do serious damage to your roof.

Dented Gutters

Gutters are pretty sturdy, but if you see any dents on your gutters after a storm, it might be good to check your roof.

Exterior Wall

If your exterior walls or even windows were perfectly fine before a storm hit, there could be a chance your roof is damaged, as well.

While you can get on your own roof to check for missing shingles, dents in flashing, or damaged fascia, a professional can determine damages due to your roof quickly and safely. If you need residential storm and hail damage roof repair in Kansas City, MO, call the roofers at United Roofing Services at 816-228-1158.


4 Signs Of Shingle Roof Damage

Shingle roofs are the consensus roofing choice for homeowners. Why? They are versatile and affordable. Asphalt shingles are offered in a variety of colors that allow you to match them with your home’s exterior. A shingle roof is easier to install than other roofing materials. Despite the benefits, shingle roofs are subject to wear and tear throughout their lifespan. Look for these 4 indicators of shingle roof damage:

Clawed/Curled Shingles

Climate plays a major role in roof deterioration. The hottest months of the year are the time when roof shingles become clawed or curled. This condition can lead to further problems in colder seasons because of added vulnerability to ice and wind damage.

Missing Shingles

a roofer laying down shingles on a roof, re-roofing

If you notice damage, your shingle roof may need repair

There are many causes for missing shingles. Hail storms, damaging winds, lack of roof maintenance. A missing shingle opens the door for ponding water on your roof. Over time, this water can leak into the underbelly of your roof and eventually penetrate your ceiling.

Mold Growth

Humid areas cause roofs to be vulnerable to mold growth. Your roof can begin to deteriorate If your asphalt shingles develop mold growth. Once deterioration begins, the overall structure of your roof is weakened, leaving you open to severe and expensive water damage.

Roof Misalignment

The edges of your roof should be line up with your gutters. If this is not the case, your home may have an unaligned roof. If you notice sagging in your roof, it may be the result of extensive water damage. Call United Roofing Surfaces today at 816-228-1158 for a full roof inspection.

Which Roofing Material is the Best Fit for Me?

roof materialSo you’ve decided that’s it time that you replace your roof. This is a major decision that you are making and should be treated as such. Choosing the right roofing material can potentially add to the overall market value of your home or business while effectively communicating the look and feel. Although there are important things to think about, such as framing and making sure that it’s properly installed, picking the material can potentially elevate the exterior look of your property to an entirely new level.

When you’re thinking about which roofing material is best for you and your needs, it’s important that you keep these questions in the front of your mind:

  • Are there any maintenance or installations specifications to consider?
  • Does this roofing material meet the fire codes of my area?
  • Is this material available in a variety of styles and colors that will, indeed, enhance the look of my property?
  • What is the expected lifespan of the material?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Will the cost of this product be within my budget?
  • Will the weight of this material make it that special framing is necessary?
  • Will this material be able to withstand the severe weather that is normal in this area?

Once you have a clear cut answer for each of questions, then you’re just about ready to get your roof replacement started.

The experts at United Roofing Services knows that this can be a difficult and stressful process, but we are here to lend a helping hand from start to finish. If you’re considering roof replacement or roof construction in Kansas City, MO, contact us at 816-228-1158.