How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm?

How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm

Signs That Your Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm.

Our residential roofs are what keep ourselves, family, and belongings protected. They are also beneficial when a big storm hits Kansas City. While they are great at keeping families and valuables safe, they can become damaged due to severe storms. But how can your tell if a roof has been damaged by a storm? Below are some signs to look out for.


If you have leaks coming from your ceiling or water spots on the wall after severe weather, that could be a good indication that your roof has been damaged by a storm.

Missing Shingles

You can check your roof to see if shingles are missing, but if it was a very windy or serious storm, chances are that there are a few shingles scattered on your lawn.


Did this severe storm produce hail? This is another big sign that your roof has been damaged by a storm. Because hail is very hard and comes down fast, it has the potential to do serious damage to your roof.

Dented Gutters

Gutters are pretty sturdy, but if you see any dents on your gutters after a storm, it might be good to check your roof.

Exterior Wall

If your exterior walls or even windows were perfectly fine before a storm hit, there could be a chance your roof is damaged, as well.

While you can get on your own roof to check for missing shingles, dents in flashing, or damaged fascia, a professional can determine damages due to your roof quickly and safely. If you need residential storm and hail damage roof repair in Kansas City, MO, call the roofers at United Roofing Services at 816-896-4195.