Leaky Gutters: Asking for Trouble

Metal Gutters Beneath Metal Shingle Roof

Metal Gutters Have Become the Norm for Homeowners Nowadays, But Even They Need Repairs Sometimes.

Gutter repair is like garbage disposal repair: you rarely think about it until its clogged with gunk. Damaged gutters can lead to a world of hurt, especially in environments with heavy rainfall. To guide you on your path to gutter repairs and replacement, here’s a helpful little guide!

When is it Time to Replace My Gutters?

Many problems with your gutter system are easily fixable. Loose gutters can be tightened against the fascia board. Disjointed gutters can be mended. Even frequently clogged gutters can utilize a debris shield to avoid further issue.

When your gutters become degraded however, that is the time to look for replacements. Sections with numerous holes or severe corrosion should be replaced immediately. Just like any part of your roofing system, broken gutters actually divert water towards your home.

What Type of Gutters are Best?

There are many materials that provide capable functionality for your gutters. Some of the best substances include:

  • Aluminum (Seamed or Seamless)
  • Steel (Galvanized)
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Vinyl

Your budget and design goals will determine which material should best serve your needs. Copper and zinc are perfect for high budget projects, and they both develop a nice sheen over time. On the other hand, steel and aluminum both offer capable functionality for much less. Vinyl gutters are even less expensive, though they are more vulnerable against extreme cold and ladder weight.

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