How do you attach gutters?

gutters along a brick house

Are gutters expensive?

If your home doesn’t have them yet, gutter installation is something you need to put on your list of things to get done before spring.  You can have this done by professional gutter installation companies that do both gutter installation and repair. Or you can do an easy gutter installation yourself with the kits and supplies sold in big box home improvement stores.

Expensive is a relative term, as everyone’s budget is different.  The cost of gutter installation for the house will depend on these factors:

  • Type of gutters
  • Size of house
  • Installation issues

Vinyl gutter installation is the least expensive and average between $3 and $5 per linear foot. There are different types of metal gutters, with aluminum being the least expensive between $6 and $12. Metal gutters made of steel can cost as much as $20 per linear foot, while copper gutters can cost around $40 and up per linear foot.

Are Seamless Gutters worth it?

Seamless gutters have become a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. The first thing to know about seamless gutter installations is that 80% are made from aluminum and to have painted aluminum gutters installed, you can expect to pay as much as $14 per linear foot. Pricing can vary based on the size of the house, how many levels a house has, and location. So, yes, they may be more expensive than old-style gutter system, but look at the benefits you get:

  • Custom Fit – makes for better performance
  • Less Maintenance – makes for more free time
  • Less Backup and Clogs – less chance of problems
  • Fewer Joints – makes for fewer leaks
  • More Appealing – they look better

Can you install gutters yourself?

With a professional gutter installation job, you know the job will be properly done, the company will offer a guarantee and the manufacturer of the gutters will honor their warranty.  However, it can be less expensive to do your own gutter installation. With that said, we offer 5 warnings for commonly made mistakes: 

  1. THE WRONG GUTTER TYPE: Gutter materials come in a variety of gauges, materials, sizes, and styles, with pros and cons to each. If you choose the wrong one, the whole project could be difficult. You need to choose the best, most durable gutter material you can afford and choose the one that is right for the size of shingles on your roof, which typically, the K style aluminum gutters that are  5 or 6 inches wide are the most common. You want to get the right gauge, too. A 26 gauge is recommended, but a 32 gauge is better.
  2. INCORRECT PITCH: Gutters are not perfectly even across the house. They should have a slight pitch so that water can flow to the downspouts. This is typically a one to two-inch gradual decline for every 40 feet of length so you gutter stay clean. 
  3. IMPROPER SPACING: There are a variety of hangers and mounting systems for gutter installation, choosing the wrong ones will allow the gutters to sag. If the gutters have any sag to them, when it rains, the water can’t flow and will weigh the gutters down, pulling them off of your house, causing more damage to the fascia. 
  4. LOCATING IMPROPERLY: When water runs down the roof, it flows off the edge and into the gutter system. Sounds simple enough, but the problem is – that is all wrong. Your gutter installation should be under the edge by a few inches.  Water drips off the roof edge, but the roof will suck it back up. Your gutter installation should allow a drip edge under the first row of shingles to encourage water to run from roof edge and down to the gutter. This will keep water from running behind the gutter and down fascia board and siding, causing damage. 
  5. TOO MANY SEAMS: If you choose to go with gutter pieces instead of seamless, plan your gutter installation to need as few welded areas as possible. Over time, the seams will become strained from the water, weather, and temperature changes that will break them at the seams. 

Do you install gutters under drip edge?

Your gutter installation should be under the drip edge and mounted to the fascia face so that the water runs down the roof slope and towards the downspout.

white seamless gutters

Why do my gutters drip?

There could be several reasons, with the most common being your gutters need cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while, the gutter runs could be clogged with debris, leaves, nests, twigs, etc.  Other reasons could be if they are seam gutters, they may come loose, or the gutter runs could come loose from the fascia.  A professional roofer can inspect your gutters and advise you what needs to be done.

Gutters are more than for the appearance of your home, although they do provide a finishing touch. They keep rain from coming right down on you as you step out the door and they keep rain from pooling up around the foundation of your home too. For gutter installation in Grain Valley and Kansas City, MO, call 816-896-4195 today.