Are Metal Roofs Worth It?

Metal Roofing on a Wet, Cloudy Day

Metal Offers Fantastic Weather Protection and Durability as a Re-Roof Material.

Metal roofing has long enchanted homeowners with its promises of strength and simplicity, but is it really worth the investment? Industry professionals sure seem to think so. Today, we’ll talk about the many benefits of metal and how it works as a re-roofing solution. We’ll also dive into some of the frequently asked questions regarding metal roofing! Afterwards, you will be equipped to decide whether or not metal roofing should work for your roofing needs.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

What makes a metal roof installation stand out from other forms of roofing? There are several alluring benefits of metal that homeowners can enjoy, such as:

  • Enhanced Weather Protection
  • Fantastic Energy Efficiency
  • Faster Heating and Cooling Inside Your Home
  • A Myriad of Customization Options
  • Stylish, Eye-Catching Design
  • Low Maintenance Requirements

The majority of homeowners that choose metal roofing do so for its impressive strength and durability. It takes an unusually powerful force to puncture, tear, or even dent metal. The vast majority of severe weather systems simply won’t harm metal paneling. Compared with other premium roofing solutions, metal panel roofs come with a simple, fast installation process. Assuming the work is completed by an experienced team, you can expect many years of strong and stylish protection for your family!

Metal roofing insulates your attic against the temperature outside, whether you’re in the middle of a sizzling July or a frigid January. That means your heating and cooling system won’t have to compensate as much for lost conditioned air. Considering your HVAC system accounts for almost half of your home’s daily energy consumption, your family would likely save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs through the course of your roof’s lifetime. Don’t just take our word for it though! See what the US Department of Energy has to say.

Finally, customizing your roofing system is a blast with metal roofing! There are countless options for paints, textures, and finishes that can provide a unique aesthetic for your home. Want to metal roof coating with stone? Great! Thinking about mimicking natural slate instead? Fantastic! Homeowners can have a lot of fun finding a style that matches their personal flair.

Sure, a shingle roof will provide a plenty of value for a very accessible cost. Is a metal roof better? Yes!

Why Install Metal Roof Panels Over My Old Shingles?

Black Metal Shingles Reflecting Sunlight

Metal is an Ideal Re-Roofing Material Because of it’s Durability and Longevity.

Re-roofing allows your family to delay the tear off process, which would normally cost (at least) a thousand dollars for labor and disposal. For homeowners re-roofing with another layer of shingles, that delay might only be 20 years, maybe less. With a top layer of metal roofing however, your family may avoid tear-off for 50 years or more. With the durability of metal, you’re also far less likely to run into any maintenance problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal and Re-Roofing

What Makes a Metal Roof Ideal for Re-Roofing?

Metal offers an exceptionally easy re-roofing process that’s almost as simple as a shingle re-roof. However, a shingle re-roof system will be just as vulnerable to hail and wind damage as it was before, while a metal top layer provides stronger weather protection on top of fantastic energy savings. With a metal re-roof, you also don’t have to worry about the underlying layer creating bulges in the panels.

Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

There was a time when tin roofs made a distinct clinking noise every time it rained. Nowadays, roofers install a thick layer of sheathing beneath the metal panels that greatly diminishes sound. You won’t have to worry about excessive noise during thunderstorms, because metal roofs are actually quieter than other types of roofing materials. When the cold rain falls heavily upon your roof at night, you’ll still be sleeping like a baby!

Can Metal Roof Be Installed in Winter?

Unlike other forms of roofing, metal needs no additional time to seal or cure. The insulating effect of metal roofing (plus its moisture repelling nature) make it simple to install during the winter time. You won’t have to worry about ice or snow warping the metal. Simply put, metal roofing (steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc) will stand up to any sort of weather challenges.

Will a Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

Corrugated Metal Roofing With Rain Falling Off the Bottom

Metal Does Not Attract Lightning More or Less Than Any Other Roofing Material.

Because of metal’s conductive nature, many homeowners worry about the roofing attracting lightning during a thunderstorm. They believe instead that a non-conductive material, such as wood shakes, would be safer in the event of a strike. Nothing could be further from the facts. The structures most likely to be impacted by a lightning strike are those elevated above their surroundings (such as skyscrapers), but lightning often prefers to strike thin objects (like poles or weather veins). In short, the larger a building and the more elevated it is compared to its surroundings, the higher the chance that lightning will strike.

When a bolt connects with a building, the current should immediately passes through the materials into the ground. There is an off chance that the strike could generate a fire if the roofing material is combustible. Since metal is fire-retardant (it doesn’t catch fire), it’s actually a much safer option than other forms of roofing (especially wood) when it comes to thunderstorms.

How Many Years Does a Metal Roof Last?

Normal asphalt shingles may last for up to 25 years, at best. That lifespan can easily be cut short by a severe hail storm. Metal roofing, on the other hand, lasts anywhere from 50 to 70 years with good maintenance. Enhanced durability means you won’t have to worry about wind or hail impacting your roof’s longevity. For many homeowners, installing a new metal roof means investing in the last roof they’ll ever need.

Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance?

Not very much. As we’ve already talked about, metal roofing is extremely durable. It takes an exceptionally strong force to even dent metal paneling, let alone puncture it. In the event some sort of accident or tree collapse damages part of your metal roof, the only repair needed is a quick panel replacement.

That being said, metal (especially aluminum) does start to lose some of its reflective sheen over time. This can be remedied with a simple re-coating, which your local metal roofing company can quickly perform. The process will also reinvigorate your roof’s corrosive resistance. The only other form of maintenance your roof may need is tightening in the fasteners, once every decade or so.

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