Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

Missing and Damaged Shingles Often Indicate the Need for a New Shingle Roof.

Asphalt shingles represent the premier choice among roofing materials for United States homes. Homeowners appreciate not only the low price of shingles, but also the decent durability and ease of repair. As a matter of fact, a properly maintained and installed shingle roof can last for 20 years. Eventually, however, every shingle roof will need replacement. As a homeowner, you should stay mindful of the signs that indicate a need for a new shingle roof.

Damaged Shingles

While small amounts of damage can benefit from repair, widespread issues mean that you need a new roof. Shingles can crack, curl, and crease, problems that create the potential for serious leaks. A particularly strong storm can batter a shingle roof with hail or windblown debris. If you ever inspect your roof and notice an abundance of damaged shingles, call for a professional inspection.

Missing Shingles

High winds can actively tear shingles off of your roof. When you find shingles on the ground, or notice their disappearance from your roof, you should use the same logic that applies to damaged shingles. A few missing shingles here and there can be replaced. If you’ve lost a lot of them, however, you’re better off with an entirely new roof.

Old Age

Age represents the top reason for shingle roof replacement. A shingle roof that has surpassed 15 to 20 years of age may look perfectly fine. In reality, it probably harbors hidden damage and wear that make it highly susceptible to failure. If your roof has served admirably across the material’s average lifespan, call for an inspection to determine its continued viability.

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