Roof Damage Signs

Hail Damage, Storm Damage

The Sound of Thunder

Booming thunder shakes your home to its core as the winds screams past your house. Pounding rain hammers on your window, and yet it goes unnoticed as you continue along with your day. To you, this storm is another common occurrence, but for your roof, it could be a disaster. Roof storm damage is a common threat for homeowners and it can go unnoticed until a larger problem, such as a leak, occurs. If you suspect your roof has suffered from storm damage than it is essential that you get in contact with a roofing specialist immediately.

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How Do I Know if My Roof has Storm Damage?

It is always highly recommended that you get your roof inspected after every storm. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional roofer to help you, it is important to know the warning signs that your roof might be in trouble. Here are a few things you need to check for, in order to ensure that your roof is still holding strong.

Outdoor Inspection

The first place you want to look to inspect your home for storm damage is outside. Pay particular attention to the state of your yard and car in order to check signs of debris or denting. Denting of your car and debris scattered across the yard are good signs that damage has probably occurred to your roof. If you notice shingles thrown about your yard, this is a red flag that shingles have become detached, leaving bald-spots on your roof. Once you have fully investigated your car and yard you can move onto the home itself.


Inspect flashing on your roof for signs of denting. Dents in your flashing create weak spots, as it leaves an opening for water to get into the vulnerable spots and pool there, creating the potential for a leak. If you notice that there is denting, or in severe cases, warping of your flashing, it is extremely important to get a roofing contractor to repair the damages.


Gutters are responsible for moving excess water away from your roof and home. When debris or dirt get lodged into the pipes it causes the back-up of water which can damage the pipe due to pressure and even leak onto your roof.

It is also important to note that finding debris in your gutters is another potential sign of debris hitting your roof, which can cause dents, damaged shingles, and even displaced shingles.


If you notice chunks missing in your brick or the chimney is leaning, this could mean that hail or strong winds have threatened its integrity.

Soffit and Fascia

Warped soffits and fascia are a sign that a leak has occurred, or there is a lot of pressure from the gutter, most likely due to a clog. Leaks can be caused by decaying lubber or broken seals in between the soffit and the fascia, resulting in excess moisture becoming trapped. In order to maintain the integrity of your home, and keep animals from making a home in the opening of the soffit, it is important to get these problems repaired right away.


If you don’t feel comfortable going up on top of your roof, not to worry. You can take note of your shingles while standing in your front yard. One of the other important things to take notice of is the state of your shingles. Curling, dents, or bald spots are all cause for alarm. These problems leave your roof vulnerable to leaks and even has the threat of sustaining puncture damage to the underlayment of your roof. Don’t ignore these signs and call your professional roofer right away.

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Indoor Inspection

Inspecting the inside of your home can help you tell if the storm damage on your roof has caused a leak. Look for signs such as, stains or bubbling in the ceiling or walls or signs of mold and mildew.

Does My Insurance Company Cover Storm Damage?

Typically your homeowners insurance will cover damages to your roof caused by storms. Hail, lightening, and wind damage fall under the category of natural disaster, which is pretty universal for all insurance policies. In order to be completely sure, it is important that you go over your insurance policy, and make sure you understand all of the fine print. While a roof leak is covered under storm damage, a few missing shingles are generally not, as they are considered cosmetic damage.

When you notice storm damage, it is important to file your claim right away, as ignoring it and allowing the problem to grow, can end up voiding your coverage. Damage that is a result from a preexisting condition is known as lack of maintenance and not storm damage.

Hail Damage, Storm Damage,

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