Residential Roofing Company in Grain Valley and Kansas City, MO

a roofer at dusk, our residential roofing company is on callWhen you need a┬áresidential roofing company in Grain Valley and Kansas City, MO, make us the first roofer you call! We have the skill and experience to give your home a safe, sturdy, and attractive roof. You can rely on us to be on time and get the work done in an efficient manner, at an affordable price. If you have any questions about our roofing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us online. We’re always happy to answer questions! 816-896-4195

Roof Repair & Installation

With our many years of experience, our residential roofing company has seen and done it all. It doesn’t matter if have a small project, or if you need a completely new roof; we are seasoned professionals who know how to get it done, and done well. Here are some of the services we offer.

Roof Repair – If your roof has been damaged by wind, water, or just plain old wear and tear through the years, we will fix it.

Shingle Roof Repair and Replacement – Missing shingles, faded shingles, and warped or moldy shingles are all problems that homeowners can face. If your shingle roof needs to be replaced or repaired, give us a call.

New Roofing Construction – Are you building a new home? Make us your first choice for new construction roofing.

Gutter Repair and Installation – Gutters are important to protect your roof from water damage. Ifa house with a new shingle roof, residential roofing company you have damaged gutters, or no gutters at all, call us so that we can get an effective drainage system installed.

Re-Roofs – If your shingle roof is damaged, but the layers beneath are in decent shape, we can re-roof it by laying down a second layer of shingles over the first.

Storm and Hail Damage Repair – Some hail damage is obvious, but sometimes it takes a careful inspection to find hidden signs of damage. Storms are often detrimental to shingle roofs. Wind, water, hail, and flying debris can take a toll, but we can repair the damage they do.

Why Choose Us as Your Residential Roofing Company?

We do good work, and we always treat our customers with respect. You can count on our honesty. We will never pressure you to pay for goods or services that you don’t truly need, and we never make promises that we can’t keep. Those are just some of the reasons why so many people have made us their preferred residential roofing company in Grain Valley and Kansas City, MO. Call us today! We’d love to hear from you. 816-896-4195