Are Gutters Necessary?

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What is gutter repair?

The gutters on your home aren’t necessary by law or even my homeowner’s insurance requirements. If you have them, there is always the possibility they will need gutter repair at some point. What is gutter repair

It is important to keep the gutters on your home in good working order, meaning any gutter repair should be done as soon as possible. The gutters and downspouts are important to keep water shedding off your home out and away from the foundation and landscaping. 

Gutter repair can include patching holes, rehanging them, re-connecting the runs, and keeping the downspouts in the right directions. If you know How to gutter repair yourself, you can save some money, or what little it will cost to have gutter repair done while a professional contractor does your gutter cleaning will be worth the money spent. 

How do you repair a gutter?

Damaged and leaking gutters can be annoying, especially when water is ponding up around the foundation and washing away your landscaping. Most gutter repair jobs are  easy to identify and troubleshoot, but there is no shame relying a  professional contractor to do any gutter repair either. Should you have the desire to do your own gutter repair, we offer the following tips: 

  • Holes in the Gutters: After you have cleaned all the debris and leaves out, rinsed out the gutter runs and allowed them to completely dry, you can fill any small holes with a coat if plastic roofing cement. Place a small amount of the roofing cement on your putty knife, then spread the compound over the hole. Keep going over the compound to create a consistently thin layer.  
  • Larger holes take a little more work. Squeeze roofing cement around the hole then take a piece of flashing that is a little larger than the hole and place it over the hole, pressing it down so that it stays in place. Smooth the roofing cement along the outer edges of the patch, spreading and feathering it as you go with the putty knife. 
  • Leaking Downspout: Remove all hardware and screws on the downspout and take the downspout apart at the sections. Brush leftover caulk off the joints with a wire brush. Clean the downspout inside with a gutter brush, rotating around to remove any debris stuck inside. With a small amount of caulk, reattach the one section of the downspout at the outer edge and slide the next section in, repeat using caulk to the outer edge. Reinstall the hardware and screws. 

Why is water dripping between gutter and fascia? 

This is one of those gutter repair signs that tells you attention is needed to the gutter system on your home.  When water is dripping between the fascia and gutter, it is most likely that there wasn’t any flashing installed there, or the flashing is bent, loose, or missing. This is an easy fix for any DIY homeowner or schedule your gutter and roof cleaning and have the contractor do the gutter repair for you. 

Some contractors will refer to this as the gutter apron, or you can do the gutter repair yourself with these steps: 

  • Purchase the flashing or gutter apron from the local home improvement store. It typically comes in ten foot  sections. 
  • You will need to remove the gutter hangers temporarily as you go. Another option is to notch the flashing at each hanger. 
  • Lay out the flashing and then fasten with sheet metal screws. Remember the gutter should be hung below the drip edge – you can tuck rolled flashing under the drip edge there. 

How long do gutters last?

The National Association of Homebuilders advise that with proper care, maintenance, and gutter repairs kept up, you copper gutters have a life expectancy of 50 years or more, aluminum gutters 20 years, and vinyl gutters 25 years or more. 

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Should I repair or replace gutters?

When it comes to the point of deciding about gutter repair and replacement, it will depend on the extent and type of damage your gutters have. Repairs are always a money saver and that is always a favorite of most homeowners! 

  1. If the damage is localized sections, you may be able to replace just those sections.  
  2. There are a few fractures, repair them yourself or have them repaired. 
  3. Leaking closure or joint, check the connections and make sure they are snug. You can also add a sealant around the leaking joint for back up. 
  4. Loose hangers can usually be tightened up, but you need to check where they are attached, there could be some wood rot with the fascia. If the hangers are rusted, then replace them with new.

Is standing water normal in gutters? No, absolutely not!  The gutter and downspout system on your home is meant to channel the rainwater and send it out and away from your home. So, if you have standing water in the gutters, you have a problem.  

The first step is to either call a professional contractor to inspect, clean and do any gutter repair needed.  Or you can do this yourself with a ladder, a good pair of work gloves, and time to spare. Once the gutters are cleaned, go back, or make the repairs as you work your way around cleaning them out. Run the water hose to the gutter and let it flow. If you still have standing water, you still have a problem. Get quality gutters today in Grain Valley and Kansas City, MO when you dial 816-896-4195.