Metal Roofing Myths and Facts

Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roofing Can Provide a Plethora of Benefits To Your Home.

When you are researching the benefits of having a metal roof installed for your home, you may come across some conflicting information on the advantages. While the internet is a fantastic place to do research before making a decision on your roofing system, sometimes the information available can be based on conjecture or from long-standing myth. At United Roofing Services, we want to dispell some of these fictions to help you make the best decision for your home. Below are the top three metal roofing myths and the truth behind them.

Top Three Metal Roof Myths Debunked

1. Having a Metal Roof Increases the Chance of a Lightning Strike.

As many people know, metal is a conductor of electricity. This has to lead to many people believing it can actually increase the likelihood that your home may receive lightning strikes. However, metal does not actively draw lightning to it, meaning you have just as much of a chance with a metal roof as any other roof. As opposed to other materials, if there is a lightning strike, metal can take it better and will not combust.

2. Rain on Your Metal Roof Will Be Very Loud.

Rain can be a soothing sound, however many people fear if they have a metal roof it will be excessively noisy and disturbing when it rains. This just isn’t the case. For many homes, metal roofing is installed over the attic which acts as a dampener between your living space and the roofing system. With this space, it is no louder than it is normally when it rains with any other roofing material.

3. During the Winter, Your Metal Roof Will Make Your Home Colder.

There is a myth that metal roofs perform poorly during the winter months and will actually leave your property cooler in the winter than any other roof. This is not at all true. A properly installed and vented metal roof will be just as efficient as any other roofing system. However, if your home does seem cooler, you may want to investigate your insulation. This helps regulate your internal temperature so you may need more.

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