When Do You Need Re-Roofing?

close-up of a damaged shingle roof

Keeping Your Roof in Shape

The roof on your home is an important component – nothing you didn’t know already, right? As a homeowner, you also know the roof is one of the most expensive components to maintain or replace on your home. That’s a big part of what makes re-roofing a more popular choice for homeowners in the Kansas City, Missouri area. 

What is re-roofing?

When a homeowner is faced with asphalt roofing issues, there are decisions to be made. The roofing contractor you choose to work with will educate you on the choices you have that are approved by local building codes. Among the choices are: 

  • Reroofing: The re-roofing process is recovering the existing roofing material and replacing any if needed. 
  • Roof Recover: The roof recovering process is when a completely new roof is installed over the existing roof. 
  • Roof Replacement: The roof replacement process starts with all the existing roof material being removed, repairs being made to the substrate if needed, and a completely new roof is installed. 

What would cause you to need re-roofing?

Re-roofing is going to be more than roof repairs, however, it is cheaper than a completely new roof. If the budget isn’t prepared for the cost of a completely new roof, re-roofing is better than ignoring the need for any type of roofing job. 

What are the benefits of re-roofing?

If your roofing contractor has given you the option of re-roofing or roof replacement, here are 6 benefits to consider:

  • Durability 

The more durable your roof is, the stronger it will be against the climate and extreme weather events. Re-roofing will protect your roof and home from water damage and leak, fires, high winds, and more. 

  • Proper Value Increases

Re-roofing will increase the value of your property value up to 60% or more. 

  • Minimize Maintenance & Repairs

Re-roofing will minimize, or even eliminate those constant maintenance issues, like water leaks. Even those minor roof issues that develop into larger problems are eliminated. 

  • Improved Appearance

Re-roofing will give your home a clean, crisp, appearance by giving the curb appeal a boost. 

  • Climate Control 

Re-roofing will improve the energy efficiency in your home, making it more comfortable and keeping the utility expenses down. With most re-roofing jobs, you can choose from different roofing materials, including metal or tile. 

How long does re-roofing take?

Because there won’t be any removal of the existing roof, re-roofing will take approximately half the time that installing a new roof takes. A new roof can take around 8 hours for a 3,000-square-foot home, so a re-roofing job can take 4 to 6 hours.

How often do you need to re-do your roof?

Experts suggest that a completely new roof should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. A re-roofing job can give you another 5 to 10 years before needing to invest in a new roof.

Can I live in my house if it is being re-roofed?

Yes, there is no need to vacate your home while a re-roofing job is being done. It is a loud job with hammering and sawing, so your personal decision may be to leave while the crew is working.

At what point should a roof be replaced?

There are 3 key indicators that will tell you that re-roofing is not an option. You need to replace your roof if any of the following pertain to you: 

  • 20 years old or older 
  • A standard three-tab asphalt shingled roof will last between 20 and 25 years. With accurate and proper ventilation, quality roofing materials, and installation, you could get up to 30 years. 
  • Premature failure  
  • When roofing materials don’t last the length of the warranty, this is a premature failure. That can be caused by poor installation quality and/or inadequate attic ventilation. 
  • Storm Damage
  • If your roof sustains sufficient storm damage, it needs to be completely replaced with new roofing material. 

Should I preemptively replace a roof?

If your 20-year warranty roof is reaching 15-16 years, and you’re able to replace your roof, then it is a smart move to make. Preemptive roof repairs, roof replacement, or re-roofing will save you money, time, and any possible further damage.

How long should a new roof last?

Quality roofing shingles that are professionally installed by an experienced roofing contractor, you should get up to twenty years of useful roofing. You should have it inspected by a roofing contractor once a year after the 10th year. 

man working on a shingle roof

In Conclusion

It is important to keep your roof in good condition, keeping maintenance and repairs done as needed. Between multiple repairs and needing a new roof, re-roofing is a perfect solution that is more budget-friendly than a new roof.