4 Signs Of Shingle Roof Damage

Shingle roofs are the consensus roofing choice for homeowners. Why? They are versatile and affordable. Asphalt shingles are offered in a variety of colors that allow you to match them with your home’s exterior. A shingle roof is easier to install than other roofing materials. Despite the benefits, shingle roofs are subject to wear and tear throughout their lifespan. Look for these 4 indicators of shingle roof damage:

Clawed/Curled Shingles

Climate plays a major role in roof deterioration. The hottest months of the year are the time when roof shingles become clawed or curled. This condition can lead to further problems in colder seasons because of added vulnerability to ice and wind damage.

Missing Shingles

a roofer laying down shingles on a roof, re-roofing

If you notice damage, your shingle roof may need repair

There are many causes for missing shingles. Hail storms, damaging winds, lack of roof maintenance. A missing shingle opens the door for ponding water on your roof. Over time, this water can leak into the underbelly of your roof and eventually penetrate your ceiling.

Mold Growth

Humid areas cause roofs to be vulnerable to mold growth. Your roof can begin to deteriorate If your asphalt shingles develop mold growth. Once deterioration begins, the overall structure of your roof is weakened, leaving you open to severe and expensive water damage.

Roof Misalignment

The edges of your roof should be line up with your gutters. If this is not the case, your home may have an unaligned roof. If you notice sagging in your roof, it may be the result of extensive water damage. Call United Roofing Surfaces today at 816-896-4195 for a full roof inspection.