Commercial vs Residential Roofs

Men Working on Roof

Commercial Structures Tend to Offer Less Variety

Most roofing websites have 2 main categories. They are commercial roofing, and residential roofing. Below these main categories will be sub-pages of each of them. Clearly, as a homeowner you are looking for residential roofing services, and as a business owner, you are looking for commercial. But have you ever wondered what the actual differences were? Review some of them below:


One clear distinction between the two categories is the designs used to construct them. Most commercial roofs are either completely flat, or contain a low slope. These adds weight concerns because of the radius of the rooftop. When you consider snow accumulation and things of that nature, extra precaution must be exercised. Residential structures, while still susceptible to weight damage, are built to avoid massive weight pressure in certain areas.


Perhaps the greats distinction between commercial and residential roofing jobs is the installation process. Because commercial projects cover a far greater area, the time of the installation is expected to take quite a bit longer. This will also depend on the nature of the installation. If it is a simple roof coating, the installation time will lower considerable. Residential roofs generally take less time to install but much of it will depend once again on the type of material used.


The materials used for both commercial and residential projects vary quite a bit. Generally speaking, residential homes have more flexibility with which kinds of materials can be used, since they are at a slope. Commercial roofs in contrast, have a more condensed set of options regarding material. Lifespan is a major factor in both cases, when considering the type of material that will be used. CallĀ 816-896-4195 for commercial roofing and residential roofing, in Kansas City, MO.