What is the Purpose of Gutters and Downspouts?

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Do I Really Need Gutters on My House?

Gutters perform an important function, collecting and funneling water away from the home. With regard to whether or not you need gutter installation on your home will ultimately need to be determined based upon a series of weather-related and climate-related factors. The slope and angle of your home will also contribute to whether or not gutter installation will benefit your home. To begin with, not all homes require gutters, and thus won’t require gutter repair. For some homes, gutters won’t even be necessary, and in fact, would only be considered an added expense. If you notice that your home currently doesn’t have any gutters installed and that there aren’t any water problems in or around your home, you may not really need gutters. Alternatively, if you live in a climate where water is a constant part of the climate equation, and there are puddles or soil erosion problems, gutter installation is certainly an important consideration.

Which Type of Gutter is Best?

There are many different gutter types that should be considered, and each will slightly differ with regard to ease of installation, cost, and longevity. and what the end goal is. Please consult the following list to determine which type of gutter is best for your home.

  • Aluminum. Aluminum gutters are a popular option due to their lightweight, rust-proof status. They are also particularly easy to install, which makes them less labor-intensive. Another added benefit to aluminum gutters is the fact that they can withstand cold environments, unlike vinyl. Homeowners should also be aware, however, that aluminum gutters can be easily dented or bent from whack from a ladder, or from a particularly damaging hail storm.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl gutters have become an exceptionally popular standard in gutter replacement. The sheer ease of installation and the fact that they never rust has many property owners choosing them over heavier options, such as stainless steel.
  • Stainless Steel. Vinyl and aluminum gutters are considered to be two of the best types of gutters because they are quite affordable and dependable for what they are able to accomplish. Stainless steel gutters come with a higher price tag, however, they are more durable and will perform well for longer.

What is the Bottom of a Gutter Called?

When referring to the bottom part of a gutter, it is important to consider that there is the terminology for the separate parts. The “miter” is the term for a ‘cornering’ gutter section. In some cases, these parts of the gutter are previously fashioned to fit into the exact space of the gutter. These fashioned pieces are often called box miters, and these attach to the gutter sections on either side. Water is the focal point of your gutter system and can have impacts on your home that can be catastrophic. The water inside your home is important as well. Water treatment is possible if you have hard water or mineral-laden water that needs to be treated. 

Should Gutters be Level?

Even though gutters may look level from a distance, gutters need to be pitched slightly from one end to the other. If the pitch is not angled properly, water will simply fill up in the gutters until they overflow. On the other hand, if the pitch is too sharp, the gutters will not be a pleasing sight. There are a number of things that homeowners should be on the look-out for with regard to their gutters. Gutters need to be completely level from front to back, or water could spill over either edge. Using a level with regard to DIY gutter installation tends to assist this aspect of the process.

When Should Gutters be Replaced?

Gutter services are optimal when homeowners suspect that their gutters need replacement. Most gutter systems — which include galvanized steel and aluminum — are expected to last twenty years or more. While gutters are not traditionally considered an expensive investment, good gutter installation can prevent a number of other costly problems. If you suspect that your gutters need to be replaced, please feel free to take a look around your home. Signs of rust should be addressed immediately. Look for problem areas where sagging or splitting gutters may be glimpsed. Loose fasteners, holes, and peeling paint are also signs that the gutters need some attention.

Who Does Gutter Repair?

While it is important to note that gutter systems can last twenty to thirty years without a further large investment, when problems do show up, it’s important for homeowners to get repairs addressed in a timely manner. Many roofing companies provide gutter repair and installation. Determining which one will be right for you depends on a number of factors. Credibility will be important for determining which roofing company is most reputable. Check out their online reviews to make sure their services are appropriate for your needs. Next, check out the scope of your gutters, and what material they are made from. Different companies will utilize different manufacturers, thus making such considerations important.

Gutter Repair and Installation

Determining whether or not your gutters need to be repaired or replaced is an important consideration. Many companies that provide gutter repair and installation may try to upsell customers, whether or not their gutter system merits a replacement. That’s why it will continue to be important for homeowners to determine the appropriate signs and symptoms for gutter repair. If homeowners are discovering leaks, sagging, a poor pitch (resulting from poor installation or wear and tear) all of these signs point to repair. Ultimately when the gutters need to be replaced, it will be due to many flaws resulting from wear and tear, storm damage, and possible signs of rust.

Gutter Repair or Replacement

Another consideration that homeowners should take into account is the fact that a gutter repair will inevitably cost less than a total gutter replacement. If only localized sections of the gutters merit replacement, it may be possible to just replace those sections, while maintaining the overall structure of the original installation. Other similar incidents of disrepair include whether or not there are multiple fissures in the gutters. Fissures are known as cracks or holes in gutter material. If there are not too many fissures, they can most likely be washed thoroughly with alcohol and coated with a sealant. With larger cracks or fissures, a metal flashing purchase may help solve the ongoing issue.

Gutter Repair for Residential Home

Gutter Repair Estimate

Gutter repairs are mandatory for homeowners. Gutters perform the important function of removing water from the surface of a roof and funneling it away from the perimeter of a home. When gutters and downspouts are not properly maintained, homeowners can run the risk of ending up with a leaking roof that can cause thousands of damages to both the interior and the exterior of the home. Select a qualified roofing company for your gutter repair estimate.

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