Why You Should Splurge on A Premium Roof Over Asphalt Shingles

Roofs are fundamental to keeping your home or business protected from sun and storm damage. While getting the cheapest option might seem the most tempting, it will actually end up being the most expensive over the long haul. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing option at around $20,000, but only last 20 years maximum. They easily get damaged from wind and hail, requiring costly repairs during its lifespan. Opting for a more expensive roofing system upfront will mean no maintenance over its much longer lifetime. This saves you thousands of dollars in replacement and repair fees. Popular and long-lasting premium roof choices are slate, tile, shake, and synthetic. One of the brands of roofing materials that we carry provides all of these types of premium roofing systems. If you are interested in upgrading to a premium roof in Grain ValleyGrain Valley and Kansas City, MO, call the roofers at United Roofing Services at 816-228-1158 today.

What You Get With a Premium Roof Installation

We Carry DaVinci Roofing Tiles For Premium Roof Systems

Poorly installed roofs can lead to holes and leaks, making you mistakenly believe you need a plumbing inspection when you really need a roof replacement. Going with the higher-priced roofing materials and installation fee guarantees a roofing company that will properly and accurately install your valuable and durable roof. Benefits of installing a premium roof include:

  • 50-150 year lifespan
  • Minimal maintenance (real wood shake roofs require regular commitment and upkeep to prevent wood rot and insect infestation)
  • Cool roof and home insurance tax cuts
  • Extremely durable: all premium roofs can withstand severe rain, hail, snow, and wind storms. All premium roofs but real wood shake roofs are also fireproof. Synthetic fireproof wood shake roofs are available.
  • DaVinci roofing tiles can be completely recycled since they are made out of polymer, which reduces landfill waste